Database maintenance and creation
• Complete noticing services, including printing, mailing and publication
• Design and printing of claim forms
• Personalized databases to meet your specific needs
• Call center facilities
• Customized reporting capabilities
• Locator services for missing claimants
• Tracking of opt-outs and replies from claimants
• Claim assignments processing
• Storage and retrieval of documents
• Use of internet to simplify processing
• Calculated and printed distributions to eligible claimants
• Final accounting report and Settlement Administrator’s affidavit
• Qualified Settlement Fund tax reporting and 1099 printing
• Consulting and inspection service

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Discovery and Litigation Support

Through the initial assessment to establishing a workflow process, C.L.A.S.S. is dedicated to finding the most accurate and cost-effective approach in handling all case management and discovery challenges. C.L.A.S.S. provides a full range of case support and information management systems that simplify the entire discovery and litigation processes.

Our staff has the knowledge of the correct processes for producing data in paper and electronic formats, including audio and video. In addition, we can respond swiftly to an opposing party’s interrogatories and discovery demands. Where claims of privilege remain essential, we are experienced in providing responsive litigation support services under the direction and control of outside counsel.

Discovery Services Available:

• Discovery management consulting/inspection services
• Discovery process strategies
• Receiving, logging and tracking discovery requests
• On-site or off-site discovery
• Managing and assisting in data collecting
• Case and information management
• Drafting and distributing discovery responses
• Joint defense group projects
• Database design and management
• Customized reports
• Document productions and management
• Document preparation
• Document indexing, coding and image scanning
• Photocopying, CD and other reproduction formats

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Inspection ServicesInspection Services

Many types of Class Actions relating to products require confirmation that the claimant does in fact have the product. While this can be accomplished in some cases by documentation, in others actual on-site inspections may be required.

C.L.A.S.S. has extensive experience in on-site inspection work. Inspections include:

• Confirmation of product
• Confirmation of qualifying failure or defect
• Field measurement of actual quantities installed
• Photo, video or other field documentation to support claim

Class has personnel that have covered all of the United States and Canada. Inspections are fully qualified and/or licensed with experience tailored to meet the requirements of the your case.

Data ManagementData Management

Need help with data collection and management? C.L.A.S.S. can help, by doing various input of the information, then ensure that the information is accurate and complete, and provide it the desired information in a format that meets your needs. Our mapping and retrieval technology can access the records of hundred of thousands of individual transactions, giving you organized, accessible information when you need it.

Data Management Services:

• Customized systems
• Database design, development, implementation and support
• Implementing quality control procedures
• Data collection and analysis of data quality
• Document indexing and coding
• On-site document inventory
• Customized reporting capabilities
• Storage and retrieval of documents
• Competitive pricing
• Consulting services

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Records Management

Since record management has become so complex these days, it is important that the implementation and supervision of a records management program is in the right hands. All aspects of the case can be maintained, from the proper handling of warehoused documents, to controlling the records maintained in various electronic media. C.L.A.S.S. can customize the entire records management process to the needs of your case. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of records information management at all levels and simplifying the entire records management process.

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Record Management Services:

• Imaging services
• Design and implementation of a records management program
• Development of procedures, schedules and controls
• Identification and inventory of records
• Records indexing
• Controlled access to records
• Filing for ready retrieval
• Identification of proper manual records storage
• Documenting processes for maintaining records
• Establishing records that meet with contract, regulatory, legal or operational requirements
• Establishing clear accountability for enforcement of policy
• Creation of initial employee training, new employee training, and routine updating employee training
• Educating employees as to how to manage their electronic data
• Auditing of policy compliance
• Permanent storage of hard files until disposal date

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Disbursing Agent

C.L.A.S.S. is prepared to serve as Disbursing or Paying Agent under court order. We can disburse money safely and efficiently, prepare customized or standard checks, and efficiently handle stop payments and check reissues. We also provide advanced reporting, analysis, and ancillary services for post-disbursement tracking.

Using software, and equipment customized for your individual needs, we are capable of handling very large check printing assignments. By designing our software and databases in house, this enables us to offer custom check layouts and reporting formats to meet your needs.

Disbursing Agent services:

• Secure storage of check stock
• Post-distribution database maintenance (voids, reissuances, return mail and address changes)
• Printing and mailing of 1099’s and preparing related tax returns
• Generating a variety of reports with a detailed audit trail for full accountability
• Performing bank account analysis and reconciliation
• Providing claimant locator services for undeliverable funds, if required
• Monitoring outstanding and cleared checks
• Projection of future disbursement requirements

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