Customize solutions for your class action settlement.

C.L.A.S.S. Mission Statement

C.L.A.S.S. is a full service company dedicated to providing quality Fund Administration and related support services pertaining to class action lawsuits. Support services include all claims processing, documentation, reporting, accounting, fund disbursements, site inspections and related reports, as required, for a full and complete implementation of Settlement Protocols.

C.L.A.S.S. is based on the concept that the administration of settlement protocols should be as user friendly and personal as possible for the claimants. Our end goal is to provide a service to the claimants that minimizes’ delay and frustration, while protecting the fund and achieving the fund’s goals. We accomplish this objective by implementing some of the following procedures:

1. All claimants contacting C.L.A.S.S. relating to a claim will be assisted by a trained representative. All claimants will be assigned a designated Claim Representative that will assist them throughout the claim process.

2. All claim representatives will provide their first name to the claimants. All correspondence with claimants will be signed by the person authoring the letter. This allows the claimant to establish a relationship with the claim representative who will be addressing a resolving question or issues. By approaching the claim process in this manner, we feel a better relationship will be established. This will reduce the miscommunication and minimize negative reactions. This also established accountability for claims handling and facilitates quick identification of potential problems.

3. All files are maintained as part of the computerized database. They are also kept as hard files allowing hands on review at a glance. In addition, all phone calls are documented in our computerized databases as well as made a part of the permanent file for the claimant. This enables us to review a file quickly, and provide a timely response to the claimants. Should the designated representative not be available, an alternate claim representative is able to review any file and handle a claimants questions.

While there are numerous additional aspects to implementing protocols and achieving the objectives of the funds goal, and underlying purpose of all discourse with claimants is to resolve their claim efficiently and effectively. We believe that this direct approach to claim administration will result in a significant savings to the settlement fund, while providing the class members with a positive experience as they proceed through the claim process.

C.L.A.S.S was structured specifically to process claims for class action cases as efficiently and economically as possible. Our ability to handle the complete process from beginning to end helps to streamline the settlement process and avoid problems that can easily complicate the claims administrator phase and dramatically increase costs. We believe in working closely with the client to develop the best method for each area of responsibility. By customizing the process to the needs of each case, we can avoid many costly time-consuming problems that might otherwise occur.

We have unique experiences in handling construction related product failure settlements. Our staff includes general contractors, specialty contractors, and other trade specialist who are able to evaluate applications, inspect for compliance and determine secondary considerations if required. We maintain and develop personnel in multiple states depending on requirements of the project. This unique approach allows for us to better service the claimants and minimizes any potential misunderstandings.